Saturday, December 1, 2007

FREE Household Items, Free Clothing, Free Musical Instruments, Free Furniture, & More

Welcome once again to the "At No Charge" blog that shows you how to get the best things for FREE!

This week I will discuss Free items in the classifieds. I am only going to discuss the two locations I check regularly because many of the others are not as consistently satisfying. Please feel free to post others in the comments section.

I am sure most of you have heard of Criagslist (, but did you know that there are tons of great free items on Craigslist? I have discovered new and used items, including clothing, computers, pianos, mobile homes, vehicles, furniture, books, kids items, construction materials, landscaping materials, and just about anything else you could imagine. When you are looking on Craigslist to find free items you will first need to select the state or country in which you want to find items. Usually near your residence is the easiest for free item pick-up, but if you are interested in making a road trip to collect freebies then have fun looking all over the country or even worldwide. Once you have chosen your state of interest you need to select a city. I tend to look in all of the cities in my state. Not all cities have a section. Many people posting in a city section may be in a different city. Finally, choose the free link under the for sale section and have fun browsing.

Here's a quick recap: 1. Visit Criagslist ( , 2. Select a state or country (if you are looking in a major city you can skip this step), 3. Select a city , 4. Select Free link under the for sale area of the page , 5. Have Fun finding free items....

The other classifieds I regularly peruse are in my local paper. Most cities have a free section in the classifieds. There is no need the subscribe to the paper because almost all of the local papers are now online and have all of the classified listings available on the internet.

Free Classifieds Hunting Tip: Look early, Look often!

ENJOY your Free classifieds search and talk to you at the next "At No Charge" posting.

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